Executive Summary
Mark Rogers, one of the most trustworthy and dedicated Engineering Designers, was asked by Jack Manning, the engineering manager, to run a thorough and independent analysis of the “Calgary Project”. The great worker Mark Rogers is, of course he   decided to go right ahead and prepare an analysis, and not just your average analysis, he prepared exactly what Jack Manning wanted after Three weeks of investigating, a thorough and highly critical report on the “Calgary Project”. According to the Project Manager, Bert Phillips the report was terrible and it caused quite the stir among people. Bert said the report was unacceptable and threw it out. Mark found out from a his good friend and fellow co-worker Joe Kelt that, there was a meeting in place to discuss the already trashed report, Mark was not invited, which was hurtful, all of this resulted in Mark Rogers to show up with his letter of resignation in Jack Manning’s office.

Problem Statement
There are many problems the Engineering Manager, Jack Manning is faced with. The first and most important problem he must make a decision about is, what he can do to keep his best engineering designer, Mark Rogers from resigning by 5pm. Mark Rogers decided to resign due to the fact that his thorough and independent analysis of the “Calgary Report” was tossed, because Bert Phillips did not like it.

Problems/ Subproblems/ Issues
There are many smaller problems that lead to the big problem of Mark Rogers decision to resign. The problem that started the whole thing is the fact Bert Phillips had thrown out Mark Rogers' analysis. Another problem which played a factor in Mark's decision to resign was the fact Bert Phillips had scheduled a meeting to discuss the report but did not invite Mark. Another problem Manning faces now   is the possible visit to upper office since he did not accept Mark's resignation letter, and decided to tear it up. The fact Rogers was well liked in the office, this situation may...