What is PPD?
Personal and professional development in today’s world is very important, as the competition is getting tougher day by day. From being a normal student who goes to school to being a boss of a big company, personal and professional development is helpful and comes into everyone’s life. Personal and professional development helps employees on the job to expand their skills, learn new skills and also helps develop new relationships across departments almost in all organizations. It also helps a person in becoming a better human that has his goals and objectives simplified that he would like to achieve and personally grow in terms of financial aspect also.
Professional development is important for employees if they wish to keep growing in their work. They will have to learn new and different things at work that helps the company as a whole and also themselves.
Personal and professional development is very important in communication skills, interpersonal skills, extra-curricular activities and time management.

Communication Skills:
Having good communication skills is all about being able to convey information to people in clear and simple terms. This means that the messages, one conveys to people are well understood by the people.
To be able to become a good leader with good communication skills one needs to have the following:
1. Courage to Say what You Think:
One needs to be confident about what he / she says, that will have a contribution to the conversation.

2. Make Eye Contact:
Eye contact makes the conversation more interesting and successful. It portrays someone’s interest, involvement and attention. Maintaining eye contact can effectively reduce tension in a conversation, show an image of assertion, and conveys respect.

3. Use of Gestures:
Gestures help our communication from start to finish. There are face gestures, hand gestures, body gestures. The whole body talks when we use gestures.

4. Be...