We are living in a world that is formed by several generations. Our parents are one generation, our grandparents are one, and we, ourselves, form another generation as well. Although they are simply specified as generations, each generation is different. Because the time that each generation lives through is different, the ways of thinking are different as well. On the other hand, each generation has something to offer that is very valuable.

From time to time, we are given much from the previous generations. This can be material such as food or clothes, or something we cannot see such as love. One of the most valuable things that the previous generations give to us is experience. As people live, they learn many lessons, and the lessons are kept as experiences. These experiences are given to us in many ways such as stories or writings. For example, a millionaire may share how he became successful. As we keep the advice in our mind, we may face a situation when we would use a part of that advice. Furthermore, if we are given more experiences from other generation, we will be more prepared for many situations. To be prepared for future situations, we need someone to provide experiences in some ways, and someone is the other generation. Experiences of one generation may be limited, but two generations may provide double or even triple experiences. Because we are given a lot, we need to think about what we can give to the world.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to decide what we, the younger generation, can give to the world. If we are not sure about what we can give to the world, a good way is to start from small. We can offer fresh and new energy. Desire to do anything with full effort will bring a different world. Some philosophers say even a small movement of a rock can result a completely different future. Although we do not know whether our actions will result as good or not in the future, we should not be afraid of the unknown future. Another valuable fact...