Week 7 Checkpoint
Career Opportunities for Accountants
Jacqueline Miller
David Bulkeley

Two business sectors to work for in accounting would be Internal Auditor, which is able to help a business to follow financial rules and help stockholders not to lose all of their money. This business sector is an honest form; they are not taking anything from you only helping you to stay ahead with your finances and to fulfill your financial objectives.   An internal auditor is hired by a business to ensure their business is efficiently running and abiding with financial laws and government regulations and mismanagement.   Another sector in an accountant is a basic Auditor, which would to be able to prepare a budget and analyze and provide investment, keeping accurate public records is very import legal consulting would be included.   All successful business needs a team of accountant to keep their finances on track in a way that they would not know exactly how to do so.

A specific company in the Internal Auditor which I would want to work in if I were an accounting would be an investment firm, because an internal auditor needs the ability to provide unbiased and impartial decisions would be of my interest.   As employee of an investment firm and with some of my experience of noticing of dishonesty I would not compromise or be influenced to provide one-sided judgments. Skills such as great communication, ability to work with people and interpret figures are a must.   To work closely with management department that will allow me to obtain accurate and complete information and present audit findings and recommendation.   Apart from drafting an annual internal audit plan, to be able to supervise the work schedules while advising the company management and governing body is a ways to improve performance, the internal auditor ensures that all policies and principles designed for internal audit are followed checks whether the internal accounting...