3e. Analyse the additional elements of the extended marketing mix
3e.1 Define people
Besides quality and price, all services associated with product will determine the survival of company. One of the 7Ps in the extended marketing mix for services is People element. People are staffs which have good performance, affecting the quality of service.
Sunshine spent the first priority for understanding the needs and preferences of customers, thereby continuously improve products or services and business processes to fit with what they want. We want to build a good image in customers’ mind by our good services, also lead them to our products. Our requirements for staffs are having professional knowledge, loyalty, agility, flexibility, caring, enthusiastic, patience and respect for customers. Furthermore, we take our staffs the belief in products and companies. By that way, they can persuade customers best. Also, we design our own uniform in order to make customers remember we the most.
3e.2 Define Process
Process help ensure quality and links between the stages of the process of providing services. We focus on sales and customer services. Furthermore, we have a Customer consultant team to help customers on purchasing decision. We consistently do these things:
  * Answering phone: Get calls forwarding or an answering service. Make sure that every call will be picked up.
  * Keep promise or else don’t promise: Always make sure that customers will recieve exactly what you promise. Otherwise, they will never come back because of a broken trust.
  * Listen to customers: Let customer talk and show him that he is being listened by making the appropriate responses, such as suggesting how to solve the problem.
  * Deal with complains: Always willing to hear complains with good attitudes and try to fix the problems.
  * Be helpful: Always help people without waiting for any immediate profit