Van Le Hong

Argumentative essay

          Beauty pageants are exploiting to women and should be banned.

A beauty pageant is a competition based on the physical beauty of its female contestant.

These contests give them chances to show their appearance. However, there are some

arguments against beauty pageants regarding women’s value and their position in the

society being exploited. This essay will show that negatives of beauty pageants

overweigh the benefits for a number of reasons.

The first and the important reason against beauty contests is that they degrade the

position of women in the society. It is clear that in most societies, true power position

belongs to men, while women’s prime source of empowerment is looking good and being

attractive to men. Thus, instead of making a difference to the power relations, beauty

pageants are a way men deny the full humanity of women and they reinforce the idea that

women’s purpose is to look attractive.

Another reason is that these contests create negative thoughts of women. From the

competition, the viewer often admit the physical beauty of contestants, but it is another

way to put pressure on ordinary women to attempt to be something they are not, with all

the stress and emotional turmoil that brings. Especially young girls, are easily influenced,

may be vulnerable to pressure to appear perfect like in a beauty contest. Consequently,

these girls can not develop their hidden talents they have when growing up in the


Finally, beauty competitions are to give contestants chances of success in their lives, yet

they are not high. Physical beauty is pleasant to look at, indeed, it has more effect on

appeals given to sensory perception than those given to cognitive reasoning. Of course, it

finds easy for them to get a good job and high salary such as models, actresses, or

singers. But this kind of beauty is very...