Introduction to Computers
Lab 5 – Word
Simon Tancredi

1) Update your course Cover page indicating Lab 5 WORD. Print

2) Read Chapter 2 of your Go! Word book

3) Chapter 2 Formatting and Organizing Text
The files are in
S:\CompSci\Myles Burgess\Intro to Computers\Go! Office 2007_datafiles\Word\chapter_02

Do Project 2C – Patent Search pages 144 - 146. Print.
Do Project 2G – Disputes pages 157 - 158. Print.

4) Do Matching page 142 (Hint: use Glossary at back of book)

___ 1. ___ 2. ___ 3. ___ 4. ___ 5. 
___ 6. ___ 7. ___ 8. ___ 9. ___ 10. 
___11. ___12. ___13. ___14. ___ 15.

5) Assemble and staple pages. Hand in.
Cover page
A copy of this lab sheet with the matching answers (letters only)
Patent Search Document
Disputes Document

6) Close all programs.
Shutdown the computer Start…Shutdown.

GHS Law Partners
Patent Search Process and Procedures
GHS Law Partners conducts patent searches on behalf of its clients. Patent searches are conducted before preparing the patent application in order to discern if a similar product or process has been patented already. If a similar patent is discovered, the client’s pending patent application can be abandoned before too much time or money is invested in it; or, the information in the existing patent can be used to modify the patent application or change its focus.
Patents are grouped into numerous classifications covering all areas of technology. The search process can be time consuming and expensive, but it is valuable for clients to have a search conducted by experts before investing millions of dollars in a new product or process. The number of patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office is large, and has been growing every year. According to the USPTO, in 1963, 48,971 patents were granted. In 2004, 181,302 patents were granted. 
GHS Law Partners conducts three main portions of the patent search:
1. Organize the search and determine whether manual...