Some highlights and things also learned from the trip.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank JICO, DVC Williams and the Committee
for your hard work and of course the whole organization of the project was fantastic. It
was a very successful project in deed and the trip was very well organized.
I thoroughly enjoyed an experience of a life time.
This was my first visit to Japan and I had experienced and learned many new things
during the trip.
I was fascinated by the Japanese way of life – how they live their life and respect one
another (respecting their individual space), especially living in this modern day and
age. The Japanese have established a distinguished and unique culture that can only be
witnessed and experienced in Japan and how they manage to maintain and sustain
them over the years, even through tough historical conditions. Japan has been going
through economic recession in the past years but had worked through these hard times
with no signs of social and cultural ills compared to other developed nations that I have
The Japanese people have successfully inculcated and established their traditional
culture and blended them well with modern and emerging ways of life dictated by new
science and technologies. After hundreds of years of isolation and I would have
thought that being a very conservation society, the ever presence of science and
technology will be a threat to the Japanese culture. As we know Japan is one of the
world leaders in innovative science and technology- renounce for its cutting edge
knowledge in science and technology. On the contrary, I have observed and learned
during the trip that even the cutting edge technology and science are being
conveniently blended to be part of the innovative way of maintaining key aspects of
their traditional culture. Only the Japanese can do this because they have the ability to
create and invent their own science and technologies and blend them well with their...