I'll Remember You

I'll remember you,
when the summer turns to fall.
When all the leaves turn brown,
inside my heart will always recall.

I'll remember you,
when the fall, turns to winter cold,
Never to forget you, though the years,
when I may grow weary and old.

I'll remember you,
when, the winter turns to spring.
As the flowers begin to blossom,
and the bird's sweet song, they sing.

Through the lazy days of summer.
Throughout the seasons each and every year,
I'll remember you...
inside my heart, so vividly clear!

You fell in love with their grace.
Thinking it was true, but really just their face.
You looked into their eyes, thinking it was love.
But what you saw was just the color, you didn't look deep enough.
You never pay attention to the way they speak.
About how much they adore you, not even a peep.
Appearance is not everything, it is just a face.
Learn to love their personalities grace.
If you can't love from the inside out, then you would just be left in doubt.
Love is something but a face, it is beautiful, it is true.
It is found inside of you.

With you everything was easy,
It was like a light was always there.
I used to be selfish with you,
I wanted you to be mine,
Or know ones.
And hell I got what I wanted,
For a while at least,
But time can change people.
Yes, I learned that the hard way.
After we said goodbye,
I was bitter and angry,
And damn, I’m still a little bit bitter.
I truly hope our lives transcend,
And we shall meet again.
I’d like to see, what job you got,
And what beautiful girl, you made yours forever.
I really wish you the best,
And that you may find peace somewhere,
And that you may rest.
But hell if I saw you again,
Would things ever change, between us?
Please remember
That I'll love you…Forever.