Everybody all over the world has to face with death. In fact, I never think that I can die tomorrow. But if it really happened to me, there would be three things I want to do before I die.

First, I want to do everything best for my family as much as possible. I know that my parents would be miserable when I die. I would tell them that I love them very much – the sentence that I have never said before. Even when I die, I will always beside and follow them. That’s all I can do right now in order to requite the self-sacrifice of my parents. Because I don’t have enough time to serve them. It really hurt me a lot.

The second thing is for my friends. Sometimes, I did some things unintentionally, which hurt my friends a lot. Even though we often have arguments or misunderstandings, they still always give support to me. They always beside me, share the joy and sadness with me. I just want to say that I am really happy to have such friends like them. I know that I am not a good friend but in fact, I love them a lot. Even when I die, I always send best wishes for them. Simply just because they are my friends.

And the last thing, I want everybody to smile when I die. I would feel peaceful if I saw everybody beside me smile. Because noone wants to die even though they have to face it. And I am too.   If everybody cried, I would feel very miserable.

That are three things I would do if I die tomorrow. But anyway, I don’t think I would die tomorrow. I will live as long as possible, until I don’t want to live anymore.