Essay: the Benefits of Solar Cars

The Benefits of Solar Cars

      Imagine your life one week without gasoline or electricity, what do you do without cars or subway? Are you prepared for this moment? When you think about buying a car, you have to see a lot of issues because it is an important decision. Nowadays the technology has more options in the automotive industry. For example, solar cars offer some advantages over gasoline cars, namely, cost, maintenance and quality. The consumer will see soon the benefits of this new revolutionary car.
      If you have a conventional car, you spend a lot of money of gasoline, petroleum oils, and additives. For example, a common car in the United States used 20 liters of oil per year and ten gallons or more per week of gasoline and a lot of additives. On the other hand, solar cars spend solar energy that is clean, easily available, inexhaustible, and free. In addition, the gasoline is more and more expensive every day and in the future, forty years approximately we will run out of this.
      The ecology in the world has an important role in the life of all the creatures because a polluted ecosystem has more problems in all the senses than other in perfect conditions. The solar car is a good option to help this problem. The solar system doesn’t have a lot of polluted gases, moreover, it doesn’t spend important resources, for example, wood, petroleum, carbon etc.
      Solar cars have a lot of photovoltaic cells. A photovoltaic cell is made of silicon and it is very economical. Another advantage is that this cell is solid state; that is, there are no moving parts to break down, the cell will last a long time if it is protected from damaged. Nowadays, the cost of a unit of solar energy is around of $1 or less.
      You have the final decision, but I think that solar cars can be the best option for you. However, based on the three important factors discussed in this essay (cost, maintenance, and ecology) I can say that buying a solar car is the best...