Construction - Eco Homes

Construction in the Environment


Wigan and Leigh College is proposing 600 Eco homes at Bickershaw Colliery. I have been employed, by the client as an Environment consultant, as part of my role I have been asked to include sustainable construction techniques and carry out the following tasks related to the above project.

Task One (P6)

Select and describe a fit for purpose sustainable construction technique for each of the following issues: energy , materials and waste.

Sustainable energy….

The modern day home is a multitude of expansive CO2 emitters, when mentioning CO2 some people have a tendency to think cars and exhaust fumes whilst over looking the other major emitter, our homes.

Due to the ever rising concern of global pollution it has been legislated on all industry’s not only the construction industry with the aim to mitigate or minimise carbon foot prints and it effects on the environment.

Energy consumption in homes has many purposes such as keeping us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, cooking, cleaning and providing light.
There are downsides to the use of energy which can overall effect our environment. It may not be as clear but every time we switch on a light or run a bath we are consuming energy.
It is also important that we all realize the implications of our energy use. Not only can it have an adverse effect on the environment but it also costs us money!!

Primarily a change in our behaviour towards energy use can in expense but others changes require investment that will pay for themselves later along the line through lower energy bills such as Solar Power.

What is solar power?
Solar power is energy given from the sun’s rays. Even down to a tiny percentage of sunlight hitting earth this is sufficient enough energy and power for the entire human populations requirements. Solar power can be used in the following ways/
    • Solar cells also known as photoelectric cells are the most common...