The Benefits of Online Education Verses Traditional Education

The Benefits of Online Education verses Traditional Education
Deborah A. Williams
ENG121: English Composition I
Instructor: Kathy Knecht
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The Benefits of Online Education verses Traditional Education
    There is a new option for quality education. Online education is rapidly becoming the adult student way of earning a Bachelor or Master degree (Coleman, S.) in the majority of all fields of careers.   According to the online magazine, Wide World Learning, there are over 4 millions students enrolled for a cyber classroom as of August 15, 2005 and growing at a rate of 30%.   Conveniences and unlimited contact with others, both national and around the world students and teachers, are two of the reasons for this trend rapid growth.   There are still quite of few students that prefer to utilize the face-to-face interactions with their professor and classmates.   Jay Liebowitz’s (Camps Corner) studies found that students who have physical interactions in the classroom settings learn how to work with others better than the students do educated through the online classroom.   No matter which classroom you choose to attend, the need for higher education is raising among older adults.
    Both ways of education are experiencing students of both male and female, all ages, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, looking to continue or just starting their education after years of non-involvement with learning a career.   Most reasoning for the return is the change in the economical and career market.   The need for more education is because of the change of labor force, and the need for a two-income household.   Instead of manual labor, there is a demand on employees to do more work with computers.   A survey (Croix, W.) reveled the average student of the traditional classroom is” 35 year old, white, married women with families and active community involvement”.   However, the online classroom, according to the studies of Burr (Coleman, S.), is made up of men and...