Multicultural Britain Essay 2

Multicultural Britain essay 2

In this essay I am going to review a number of sources to figure out whether Britain showed tolerance or intolerance to immigration throughout the 19th and 20th century.

In source 1 it shows the feelings of the Anglo Jews about the immigration of foreign Jews from places such as Poland and Russia. The source tells us that the Anglo Jews were worried about other Jews coming over and spoiling their good relations that they had already built with the British, this shows intolerance towards immigration. The source also says “ Anglo Jews were also concerned at the prospect of so many poor Jews coming to Britain who would need financial help”, this meant that they weren’t too keen on helping out if they did come, again showing intolerance. The source isn’t very reliable because its not signed or dated so whoever wrote it could’ve been biased or somewhat influenced.

Source 2 shows a large family crowded round in a small room with a table in the middle, the living conditions look crowded and dirty, there is also someone laid looking ill in bed, from all of this we gather that Jews weren’t living in the best conditions when they got here, this was probably because they weren’t being given good jobs or being sold good housing, this shows prejudice and intolerance. This source isn’t very reliable because it doesn’t say who drew it and for what purpose, meaning it could’ve been drawn by a Jewish man being biased and over exaggerating.

Source 3 shows what a survey came up with about Jewish immigrants and their new lifestyles in England, it was written by Beatrice Potter about a Jewish community and how it thrived on the hard work of Jewish men and women, this shows some tolerance because the British are appreciating their way of life and how it helps their country. This source is very reliable because it was done by someone outside of the community who wasn’t going to be biased or exaggerate things.

Source 4 shows a law enforced by...