Essay # 2

Jauregui, Amaris
Essay #2

Hidden emotions and antisocial behavior are usually the two components that have affected the male gender for centuries. The reason for this is that society has certain expectations for men; it is unacceptable for them to show their emotions in public and are called weak if they do so.   These issues have not only caused problems for the past generations but to this day our generation has the same issues as the past not completely resolved. To this day many young boys are still forced into the mentality of being “macho” by their parents, this oppresses many young men who want to show emotions and it even causes more issues for the gay community.
Men are taught at a very young age to hide emotions also known as the “boys don’t cry” saying. This is especially true, in many colored communities males show their manliness as power against the weak, being tough, and at times they show their authority by being in control. This has a growing consequence since men start being more aggressive towards woman thinking that they have complete control. This is showed in violent crimes such as rape and many deaths of innocent people. Statistically speaking one in four women will experience violence from a man either domestic or sexual. Even in our modern society men still have the thought of being tough is a way of hiding their emotions. For example in my family the older men tell their sons, “Don’t cry because your brother hit you, go hit him back harder be macho.” As the father of the family he is only producing his son to be violent later in life by not resolving the problem decently.   Because of hiding their emotions many men suffer from an anti-social behavior that causes them to be very aggressive and not being able to control their emotions in an acceptable ways which causes the violence till this day.
Still to this day men in certain cultures live by the values their grandparents lived by which shouldn’t be...