Essay 2

Career Development Plan Part II
Jessica Rivera Santos
University of Phoenix
HRM/531/Human Capital Management in Puerto Rico
Prof. Marta Ángelis Rivera, PhD
      In this essay we have analyzed the re-structuring of our organization, what will be the new team’s responsibilities as far as the new branch opening in Puerto Rico. We will also present the new organizations training and evaluation methods.

      Career Development Plan Part II
      As it is general knowledge by now, InterClean will be merging with EnviroTech and there will be a new branch opening in Puerto Rico. For this reason there will be some major changes taking place within the structure of the company. One of these changes being the development of a new team that will take over the branch in Puerto Rico. In order to comply with the reorganization of InterClean there have been some internal promotions. These executives will be assigned to the Puerto Rico branch, they will be in charge of organizing the main office and they will also be responsible for the hiring, training and expanding the client base.
New Team for Puerto Rico
      This new team is a very diverse one, including personnel that are fluent in Spanish which will be extremely useful in a Latin market. This team also, posse’s great team and leadership skills which will be extremely useful as well. They will be comprised of the following members. For the Vice-President of Sales position, Mr. Jim Martin and for Sales Management position we have Mr. Tom Gonzalez. There will be three Sales Representatives which are Eric Borden, Dennis White and Terry Garcia.
      Even though Puerto Rico is part of the United States and they follow federal guidelines like in the main land. They still require and have different necessities when it comes to doing business. The Puerto Rican market is a very diverse one and requires we immerse ourselves in their way of doing business and there culture. Therefore it is imperative that the...