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Revised February 2008

Practical Fire Safety Guidance For Care Homes

The guidance in this document has been jointly produced by the Scottish Government’s Police and Community Safety Directorate, HM Fire Service Inspectorate for Scotland, the Scottish Building Standards Agency and the Health and Safety Executive.

Practical Fire Safety Guidance For Care Homes

CONTENTS Page Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION Chapter 2: SCOPE Chapter 3: WHAT THE LAW REQUIRES Who Must Comply With These Duties? Who Enforces The Fire Safety Law? 4 5 7 7 7

Chapter 4: FIRE SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT 10 What Is A Fire Safety Risk Assessment? 10 How Is A Fire Safety Risk Assessment Carried Out? 10 Step 1: Identify People At Risk 12 Step 2: Identify Fire Hazards 12 Step 3: Evaluate The Risk And Decide If Existing Fire Safety Measures Are Adequate 14 Step 4: Record Fire Safety Risk Assessment Information 17 Step 5: Review Of Fire Safety Risk Assessment 17 Chapter 5: MANAGING FIRE SAFETY Fire Safety Policy Emergency Fire Action Plan Fire Safety Information And Training Fire Drills Maintenance Of Fire Safety Measures Recording Information And Keeping Records Chapter 6: REDUCING THE LIKELIHOOD OF FIRE Housekeeping And Storage Storage And Use Of Dangerous Substances Safe Use Of Equipment Electrical Smoking Managing Building Work And Alterations Particular Hazards In Escape Routes Security Furniture, Textiles, Bedding And Sleepwear 18 18 19 21 22 23 24 26 26 27 28 28 29 29 30 30 30


Practical Fire Safety Guidance For Care Homes

Chapter 7: RESTRICTING THE SPREAD OF FIRE AND SMOKE Fire Compartmentation Doors Fire Separation Fire Spread Through Cavities Ventilation Systems Fire Spread On Internal Linings Fire Spread On External Walls Fire Spread From Neighbouring Buildings Chapter 8: MEANS OF ESCAPE Chapter 9: ENSURING THAT MEANS OF ESCAPE CAN BE USED Escape Route Lighting Emergency Lighting Signs Notices Chapter 10: MEANS FOR DETECTING FIRE...