Equality and Diversity(Level 2)


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Equality and Diversity


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Dear Learner, Welcome to your vision2learn Equality and Diversity course. This course is being delivered through a partnership agreement with your centre, vision2learn and the NCFE awarding body. As equality and diversity are rightly protected by law, awareness and appropriate conduct has become a desirable work skill. This course promotes good practice in any workplace, covering a wide range of thought provoking examples and real life scenarios to enhance your employability. We’re sure you’re ready to get underway but please take some time to read through this learner handbook, as it’s full of essential information to help you progress as successfully as possible. We hope your vision2learn course will help you to: •Update your skills and enhance your employability •Train for work or return to work •Improve your CV and progress your career •Study on your own terms. Please feel free to contact our in-house team of advisors throughout your course study time as we are here to support you along with your online tutor. More details of who to contact and how can be...