Equality and Diversity - Cypw Level 3 Diploma

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Mon Ami

Equality - is giving all people equal opportunity’s, not treating every one the same but giving everyone the same options and opportunity’s and recognising their differences and enabling them to have the same opportunities.

Diversity - is the differences between people and groups such as gender, ethnicity, family structure, disability, sexuality, culture, religion, appearance and more.

Inclusion - is the process of identifying understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging.

Discrimination - Discrimination is treating some one less or more favourably than other people as they or their family are seen as belonging to a particular group or society. Children experience discrimination due to many reason such as the colour of their skin, traditions, their way of life, family values, gender, social back ground, nationality, disability, language and many more.
Discrimination has many effects not just emotional and mental, when someone is being discriminated against they may be being denied advantages and opportunities that others have, excluded from certain things, discrimination can have a huge effect on self esteem and development. Most importantly children’s can be denied the chance to fulfil their potential.

Inclusive practise at Mon Ami

Inclusion is the opposite of discrimination by promoting inclusion we are supporting equality and diversity and challenging discrimination.
Inclusions requires us to look at the barriers to all families and children attending and who could attend the Nursery. We need to work towards removing these barriers and to ensure they are broken down. This intern is promoting equality and diversity.

At Mon Ami we are committed to giving every child the opportunity to learn and develop through play. Mon Ami has an Equal opportunities and inclusion policy to help ensure this happens for all children regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity,...