Analysis of the Links Between Assessment and Learning in Own Subject Area with Reference to Issues of Equality and Diversity

Analysis of the links between assessment and learning in own subject area with reference to issues of equality and diversity

Within the world of education and training a student is tested to assess there ability. To discover whether or not the student could perform a specified task, or has been able to master a new skill. The role of the Teacher is to assess the extent to which the student can now use those skills.

Ecclestone identifies 3 forms of assessment commonly used in FE Diagnostic, Formative and Summative assessment.   These are also used in HE. In general all forms of assessment are designed to measure some aspect of the student’s performance. In order to do this effectively and fairly assessment methods should be matched closely with the demands of the course and the needs of the learner

Checking learning and generating feedback are essential ingredients of all effective learning activities. Using a variety of assessment methods ensures that all learners are able to reflect on their learning and review areas for development. This enables you to identify learners’ needs relating to anything from a disability to cultural history. Developing effective questioning techniques enables you to explore aspects of equality and diversity more deeply. Reflection, as part of learning conversations, enables exploration of challenges and
ways to resolve issues.

Definition of diagnostic assessment from the Northbrook College Assessment guideline 2010:
“Diagnostic assessment enables attributes or skills to be identified in the learner that suggest appropriate pathways of study, or learning difficulties that require support and resolution”

Initial assessment
All students should be initially assessed when starting a new course to help complete a course profile. I have observed the assessment of the learner at interview stage through, application, to the first induction session to the college, where information is shared between the student teacher to assess...