How to Promote Inclusion, Equality, and Diversity with My Current/Future Learners

Level 3 Theory

How to promote Inclusion, Equality, and Diversity with my current/future learners

Inclusivity means that all learners should be encouraged to take a meaningful share in class discussions and coursework. So they would not be excluded from the learning environment if they required special attention such as learning support or dyslexia.

Equality means that the rights of an individual are respected, so that all students would be treated equally regardless of differences such as gender, race, religion, or ability.

Diversity means valuing the differences in people, so that whatever they bring to the learning environment is regarded as a positive contribution.

So we can say that learners perform better in an inclusive environment, where each individual has the right to learn and is valued for their experience and background.

I could promote these principles with my learners by acknowledging that people are diverse and they learn in different ways, so I need to be   ready to prepare an individual learning plan when appropriate. I could give students the opportunity to manage their own learning by involving each one in class discussions and valuing their opinion. Rather than just teaching from the blackboard I can be the means to empower people to investigate and learn themselves. I could consider use of appropriate resources, e.g. computers or handouts or illustrations, and vary the teaching method, so that we incorporate blackboard work, and computer work, and group work, as well as ‘what if’ reasoning.

Some learners may have potential needs which are outside the scope of what I could provide within my learning environment. For instance learners may need support as :

  1. Child care issues

      The learner may have no-one to care for a young child during lesson time. Then I would refer the learner to the college crèche and give advice about how to book a place for the child during lesson time.

  2.   Income Issues