Equality and Diversity Level 2

1. What is meant by equality? Provide a description below. [1.1]

Equal opportunity for everyone. Regardless of their background and upbringing, Race, religion, sexual preference. There Gender and Age.

2. Provide a definition of each of the following terms: [1.2]

Term Definition


People being seen in the same way as each other. Thinking people in a group are all the same.


Unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group.


Describing someone or something in words. For example, describing someone who has broken a law as a criminal
Judging someone.

Protected characteristics

Being Discriminated for a disability, Which is protected under the characteristics of disability. Like not being employed because of it.

Equal opportunity

Being treated Fairly in every opportunity, work educations etc regardless of background, Race, religions etc

Positive action

Program to address Past Discrimination with active measures to insure equal opportunity in areas like Education and Employment.


Treating a person/ Group differently and in a nasty manor because of there, Race, Sexuality, sex or faith.

Discrimination by association
Being discriminated against through the association of another person.

3a. In the box below, describe examples of equal opportunity within society. Use your own experiences, if you can, in your answer. [1.3]

Where ever you are born. You would still have a chance to reach any Job, Profession or position in society. IE. Poor background like myself still having every chance in doing well. Equal to someone from a wealthy background.
I worked in a Management role by working my way up through a company regardless of my background and education.

3b. In the space below, describe examples of...