Environmental Pollution Paper

Environmental Pollution
America and the World need population control laws that limit population growth thus conserving and saving water and natural resources. I have read articles from numerous sources that state in the year 2050, 2.7 Billion people will have a severe water shortage problem. Meaning there want be shortage of clean water to drink and shower with. This could be a touchy subject in the United States and in many western civilized worlds where the government steps in and tells them how many kids a family can have and what not. It’s happening this very minute in countries like China and Japan. The only thing that can be done is to regulate immigration reform and restrict a foreign alien’s tenure here in the States.
Cars don't always perform well on the road as they do in prototype tests. Smog inspections let motorists know when pollution control devices are malfunctioning and when fuel is being wasted. Repair programs make sure every car is doing its share of the cleanup job
Nowadays with increasing the population in the entire world, need of people to transporting vehicles is increased. So, I believe that spite of importance of improving roads and high ways, developing the buses, trains or subways is more critical than ever.   Improved roads leave to better fuel efficacy for vehicle, less carbon emissions, and over top performance for newer gas efficient vehicle’s.
As mentioned above, with newer gas effective vehicles would provide fewer trips to the gas stations and less carbon emissions leading to a healthier more breathable pollution free atmosphere. Fuel efficient cars are the future of the world and the future of mother Earth in its self.
Some authorities are turning to what they hope might be ‘quick fixes’ to meet their allowances, such as incineration and large-scale biological treatment of household waste. The alternatives to incineration are cheaper, more flexible, quicker to implement and best for the environment.
Recycling is one...