Bhe314: Environmental Health and Safety

Module 1 Case

I would conduct a need assessment process that direct to the problems related to how the trash is managed in the community. I would do so by use of the four phases of community assessment: (1) assessment planning, (2) data collection, (3) data analysis, and (4) program action planning. (Cam Escoffery, Kathleen R Miner, Jane Trowbridge Jul/Aug 2004)1     By use of the above methods I would analyze how the waste material is dumped or discarded.   I would conduct surveys through questionnaires and informal interviews with people of households and shopkeepers that would focus on how they discard their waste items.  
I would ask myself questions of why they dispose this way, how often, and what do they lack in effectively disposing of the waste properly. After gathering enough information, I would determine the problems or unwanted outcomes that are created by improperly discarding waste materials. For example, who are affected the most, what affects them exactly, and to what extent they are affected negatively by improper trash management.   As far as the paper products are concerned, we misuse them all the time and do not utilize them to their fullest.
For instance, a note book or a writing pad often goes into the trash bin with lots of unused pages. Instead of continuously making new paper products such as, copies or tissue papers, we can recycle them and save a great amount of time and cost.   I can say that where we were in waste disposal and where we are now, there's an enormous difference legislatively and environmentally with the attitudes and behavior of the people today.
Unfortunately in earlier days, people used to bury their trash but the world and resources are not the same anymore. Some of the old thought of waste disposal must be changed. People in earlier days were not as educated as they are now, with regard to toxic contamination and other more current issues. The most important thought is the future and the future generations to...