Environmental Factors Paper

Environmental Factors Paper - Toyota Recall
Angela Vasquez
University of Phoenix
MKT/421 – Marketing
Professor: Craig Clark
  February 3, 2010

Environmental Factors Paper - Toyota Recall
Recently, Toyota has issued a recall on five of their top selling cars due to a gas pedal system problem. Toyota Motor Corporation said that it is coming closer to a solution for the problem but Toyota has also said that it still has no estimated time or details as to when drivers would see the repairs being done on the vehicles. The recall has spread to 2.4 million vehicles covering three continents. CTS Corporation, the company that makes the parts is making a redesigned gas pedal assembly that is supposed to fix the problem with the gas pedal sticking. The engineers at Toyota are looking into developing ways to repair the gas pedal systems in their existing cars and trucks. Earlier in the week Toyota issued a statement saying that they will be suspending all U.S. sales and production of eight of their models because they need to fix the faulty gas pedal systems which are sticking and causing sudden acceleration. Officials at CTS Corporation have beefed up production at three of their factories so they can manufacture redesigned pedals. CTS is saying that the pedals are supposed to solve the problems that Toyota is experiencing with their vehicles. Repairs to the pedals will have to go through the normal testing to make sure that they work properly. It cannot be estimated how long it will take for Toyota to decide if they want to repair the pedals or replace them. Toyota is working quickly to prepare a correction remedy.   Owners will be notified when a remedy is available. In the meantime, they can continue driving their cars. If the car owners feel a sudden change in acceleration, than they are have their car towed to the nearest Toyota dealer for repairs. The carmaker wants to make drivers aware of the potential...