English Homework


The 1990 census revealed: "the most number of immigrants from 15 countries in the immigration to the United States after ten years speaks English" good "or" very good ". The children of immigrants almost all speak two languages, and proficient in English. "At the third generation, in most immigrant families, their mother tongue disappears. Therefore, it is the United States became the "language description of cemeteries.

2, foreign-born Asian and Hispanic immigrants "and native American whites and blacks compared with the ratio of intermarriage wants tall." By the third generation, one-third of the Hispanic women with the Hispanic men marry, and some 41% Asian American women with the Asian men marry.

3, no matter how much we talk interminably about difference, American society is actually a assimilation people's marvelous machine. The 19th century department store, not to cater to have knowledge of the elite vendors, but founded "regardless of class and background everyone can enter" mass shop. This makes the shopping become one of the mass, and democratic behavior. The mass media, advertising and sports is also helping people homogenizing impetus.
4,尽管这种文化一点也不高雅,但也不是完全有害的,移民们很快就融入了这种共同文化。Gregory Rodriguez为美国移民研讨会撰文指出,今天的移民既不是处于空前的水平,也不抵制同化。
4, although this culture was not a bit decorous, but are not completely harmful, immigrants soon blended in this common culture. Gregory Rodriguez for U.S. immigration seminar, points out that today's immigrants wrote neither in unprecedented level, also don't boycott assimilation.