Peter Poulos
Homework Irony

In, 1984 Orwell is trying to prove something about using irony in the novel. There is a lot of irony in this book, and there is a purpose for why he using irony in this novel. George Orwell’s novel 1984 talks about how the government of Oceania controls its citizens. Orwell uses irony to show the theme of Appearance vs. Reality in his novel. He does this by describing the names of the ministries, the harmful, negative things the government does, and how the characters act completely opposite of how they really are because of how the government controls them. The names of the ministries seem to have a positive meaning, but maybe they don’t because why would he use irony while he is talking about the ministries. For Example, the Ministry of Truth really says the real truth to suit what the Party likes. Winston works in this ministry, and that was his job Also the Ministry of love could be a negative meaning towards the government. I think this means like a place of harmful things. The government covers up with these wonderful, lovely names so that people would think that everything the government does is good. So maybe the reason is that the characters act differently is because they want to hide their true identity, or to try to see the real side of the others. Julio joined the Anti-Sex League, but maybe she really likes men and likes having sex, maybe she is just afraid of showing her true self. Orwell is trying to give us a purpose of why he uses irony in this book and maybe this could be a reason why he does this.