Why I Should Bring My English Books to Class

Why I should bring my English books to class

Books are fundamental to our knowledge and understanding of the world around us, and encompass many different topics, but perhaps most important of all are the books of English literature, for without such sources of information we are condemned to fail at every task in life.

Hamlet, The Canterbury Tales, Wind in The Willows – all perfect examples of great English literature, which surpass all other subjects and render them obsolete in comparison. Why learn about the struggles of man, and how we have overcome many challenges and learned from our mistakes through history, when you can identify and explain themes within a novel? Why study the useless skills of basic arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry in mathematics when being able to recognize relationships between characters in a theatrical play is much more practical? Perhaps learning about the earth and our universe, and how it functions through the explanations provided by science is pointless, given that we can discover the many forms and features of language found within a poem using the wonders of English. It is for reasons such as these that one must never forget to bring their English books to class.
Any student so incompetent and negligent as to somehow forget to bring their books with them to class should be punished severely, but through the compassion and grace of English teachers we are given a second chance, as the first offence must have been brought upon by profound mental retardation. However, should a student manage to forget his book again, it must have been made out of not ignorance or coincidence, but as a direct act of defiance against the teacher. And as such, fair and appropriate action will be taken to prevent the student from ever committing such an unforgivable mistake again.
It pains me to say that I myself fall into the small group of people who had the audacity to defy the teacher, nay, everyone with a passion for English, even the...