English Learning

7 good English learning experience

According to Tim Hood, Deputy Director British Council, English does not necessarily focus on grammar study and do homework. The key is to choose a reasonable way to learn, sometimes the simplest daily tasks also help us to practice English. Below is after many years of experience teaching English as his.

1. Prefer to speak English and comfortable talking

When using English, you do not fear mistakes. If you do not make mistakes, which means you do not learn anything. Often you will have the slight error while speaking English with foreigners. But what matters is what you draw upon a mistake. Just like the baby will not be able to walk as if afraid of tripping.

2. Determine if you fit any learning style

Recent studies have shown that many people are learning that their own favorite. If you are a photo enthusiast, you can create a link between English and picture examples that you can watch movies with subtitles in English, try to imagine yourself in a context to use English, should learn the words associated with images. If you have a preference to hear, then you listen to English songs as much as possible and watch English movies. If you are analytical minded people, spend more time learning grammar and compare Vietnamese and English.

Of course, a good English learners will take time for all these things. Unfortunately the world, many people are still taught in the traditional way is just to focus on grammar and listening.

3. Learn to remember

You can train your mind through many guidebooks. Almost all the English gifted students are very serious about this.

4. Create an environment for their English

A successful entrepreneur who has learned Spanish English by pasting pieces of paper gold around his house to go to the kitchen where even a cup of coffee, the bathroom shaving or using the TV control vi to change the channel, he could see the words inscribed on it. When he was then attached to these...