English Essay with Related Text - Journeys

A journey is the act of travelling from one place to another and has the ability to be transforming. Journeys can take you through a number of unexpected detours and obstacles of which are dependant upon the choices that one makes along the way, which can all lead to the final destination. Rabbit Proof Fence, a film directed by Phillip Noyce, Meatworks and Journey to the North Coast, both poems by Robert Grey are all texts in which travel along a path of unexpected encounters and destinations which are inevitable to journey.

Journeys are long, strenuous and arduous and involve many obstacles that must be overcome. An example of this is ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’, which takes place in outback Australia. It is a physical journey through the outback of Western Australia full of challenging obstacles; adversities and heat that need to be faced by the children attempting to escape and find their way back home. This is evident through the various techniques of the directors’ camera angles, views and long shots as the girls journey through the desert. The extreme long shot of the girls walking through the vast outback of Australia emphasing how far away from home they really are and the epic journey they have ahead of them; physically and mentally. This is seen also through the physical pain and mental exhaustion that the journey has on them, and the fact that they can’t go on anymore, “My legs Molly, they hurt. I can’t walk any further”. The road that the girls travel along to get back home to their land and their culture is symbolic of the journey in which they are embarking upon. The fact that the girls are bare feet is symbolic to the freedom and liberty that they are experiencing while on this life changing journey; a journey back to where they belong.

Your cultural perspective can determine what you get out of the journey. This underlying assumption is vital to the journeys travelled throughout ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ primarily because the journey is about...