English Discovery Creative Writing Story

------Ten years ago------

Everyone was running, the wind was rushing through our hair and swept kids up from the street, my parents were by my side, holding on to me to ensure that I too wouldn’t fly away. Into the bomb shelters we hurried. When we got closer my parents pushed me ahead and into the arms of my friends’ mother. They were by my side all the way until that moment.


I sat on my bed crying, shaking in fear from the nightmare I had witnessed every night since that day. Many people were lost that day, a whole town destroyed by the hurricane that swept up from the coast and crushed everything in its path. Only a few people survived. Mason my best friend, his mother, the local Member of Parliament and his family. My elderly neighbours made it into the bomb shelter, but died from a heart attack minutes after a truck go lodged into the entrance of the shelter….landing and killing my parents. There was nothing I could do as I sat there in hysterics hearing every grunt, groan and screams of agony as they slowly died metres away.
Hours later, the few of us who survived were rescued from the bomb shelter. We were taken to the hospital in a nearby town a few kilometres away. We were assessed and released from the hospital. Unfortunately Mason’s mother wasn’t allowed to care for me. A stranger collected me from the hospital and drove me to the local orpahnage