Belonging Baby Creative Writing

Creative writing-Belonging.

Whats happening?, this doesn’t feel right. Oh no , whats that thing? Its grabbing me! The walls are caving in! I’m about to be squashed.Where am i ? this light is blinding , my eyes, i can barely open them .This is the end, I know it.
“Its a boy!”
Me ? I’m a boy ? what is that? . Oh this is going to be a very long day..
They call me a baby, i’m not sure what one of those are, but i’m not enjoying being one of them. There is two people that call themselves “mum” and “dad” . They seem nice. I don’t know what they want with me, or why they keep staring at me. Mum keeps repeating to herself“say mummy, mummy, mum –my” I think she must get lonely, i mean why else would you talk to yourself?. But Dad’s the same . “ Daddy ? c’mon say Daddy..” None if it really makes much sense to me, and its only getting stranger as the days go bye.
Mum took me for a walk in a pram today. Its a thing with wheels that carries me when Mum doesn’t want to. I saw something else that was like me, except it had long hair and dressed differently to me. They called it Amy.   And it had two people called “mum and dad aswel” so we must be the same. And Amy even told me that there are more of us! So i became quite intriuged at this fact. But even more scared..
The world around me is so big bright and beautiful. I just want to explore it all. But every time I try to wander into the gardens at the park mum says “You never know what danger could be in there, so don’t wander off” But I do it anyway, I don’t understand what her problem is.
I saw amy again today, she gave me her cookie. It was her last one, and I was very confused at this, because I thought, why would she give me her last one? And she flashed a smile in my direction, with a tooth glimmering as bright as my night light. This made me feel bubbly on the inside and happy.   Her two ponytails swayed as she ran to the swings, with her pretty pink ribbons holding them together.   I just giggled and ran after...