Short Film and Creative Writing

PART A: Log Book
  1. Related text one – Missing Her
  2. A4 Display Folder
  3. i. The title of the short film is “Missing her” and it was a Tropfest 2011 finalist. The director/ producer is Michael Weisler. The film was created in 2011.The text type is short film. The target audience for the short film is adolescents and adults.
ii. The short film “Missing Her” conveys feelings of alienation and distance for a young Vietnamese boy. After his mother passed away he forced to live with a new Australian family.
He couldn’t speak any English and his new parents couldn’t speak any Vietnamese. He had to learn a new way of living that he is uncomfortable with. When the boy says “My mother told me she’d be watching me from the stars, but all the stars are gone here”, it shows he feels like he doesn’t belong. He makes a journey with his binoculars through his new suburb trying to find the stars. The only thing he cherished was his binoculars as they were from Vietnam. On his adventure to find the stars his feeling of home was shattered after the binoculars were crushed under a car. He felt he had nothing left to connect him to his country and felt like an outcast in this new place he was meant to call “home”.
iii. The sense of the boy not belonging is conveyed through the composer’s use of text on the screen. The text “Rural Thailand” and “Melbourne Australia” represents the boys distance from home, reinforcing how far his come and how different it’s going to be in Australia away from his home town.
The theme of alienation is highlighted by the composer’s use of a low angle shot. The low angle shot of the trees above the boy conveys the boy’s uncertainty about where he is. They show the audience how uncomfortable he is and how small he feels in the large new country. The tree is very large and towers above him to show how powerless and alone he feels.
The issue of disconnection is evoked by the composer’s use of close up shot. The close up shot of the boy’s...