Parallel Storyline, Creative Writing

Creative writing
“Barriers in society or a group may prevent belonging”
Use this quote as the basis for your imaginative writing.
Mark – Black writing
Mysterious kid – Blue writing
What in the world is wrong with this kid?! He doesn’t speak when spoken to. He doesn’t listen to anything anyone asks. I don’t understand, how can you be so thick?
This five foot, something, kid just moved to our neighborhood, and does not want to talk to any of us, I mean, who doesn’t want to talk to me? I’m the most approachable person. Fine, he doesn’t want to involve himself with me, well then he is not welcome in our group of friends…
I didn’t like the smell of this new town. The amount of cars and factories had polluted this place to a disgusting extent; I can’t bare to stand the smell. Besides that, I don’t even like the people. This one kid, Mark, he won’t leave me alone, he sees that I ignore him, that I don’t want to be a part of his group, why can’t he just leave me alone! He is pretty tall, he scares me sometimes, it looks like he is going to hit me because I don’t talk to him, it’s a pity I can’t understand what he’s saying, but he wouldn’t understand me and my situation, nobody does…
I didn’t see that weird kid in a week, I thought maybe I should go and apologise for the way I treated him the day we met. My friends and I were playing a game of soccer in the field near our house, and I saw him, all by himself, kicking a ball against a wall, I knew this was my chance to say sorry. I called out to him, with no avail, as usual, he didn’t answer me, and so I went and spoke to him. He continued no answering me, so I put my hand on his shoulder, and I felt a jolt of fear shoot straight up his body, he was scared of me. I told him it was alright, and to come play with us, but he just turned away, and kept playing his stupid game. I got sick of him and his childish ways, so I pushed him onto the ground. I was devastated as soon as I realized what I had done, I saw...