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Date: September 30, 2013
To: George Smith, Manager
From: Michael Priester
Subject: Web Conferencing Software

I was informed by the media department that we need to use Web conferencing to hold weekly status meetings, but they have not decided on the program to use. I have been asked to research different Web conferencing software currently available and to submit findings on what I believe is the best choice available to the company. I looked at two potential programs: Adobe Connect and Cisco WebEx. Based on my research, I recommend Adobe Connect.

The following items summarize my findings:
  1. Versatility
Adobe Connect is a conferencing platform for eLearning, web meetings and webinars compatible on virtually any device. It can also create online training materials, general presentations and learning modules.

  2. Uses
Adobe Connects versatility allows users to use the application for a wide variety of software solutions, but I found its use for Web Meetings, eLearning and Webinars as three of the best reasons for our company needs (Corporation, 2013):

Web Meetings | eLearning | Webinars |
Beyond simple screen sharing, it offers more effective collaboration and communication is possible between colleagues, partners and customers | A solution for rapid training and mobile learning, it enables a rapid deployment of training available anywhere, anytime, and from virtually any device | A solution for digital marketing events that helps deliver compelling, immerse and stimulating content |

  3. Honors and Awards
Adobe Connect has been identified as one of the eleven most significant web conferencing products in the market, by Forrester Research, Inc., who evaluates each product across an extensive list of criteria including current offerings, strategy, and market presence...