Employee Engagement

Putteridge Solutions plc is a company which provides internet security software. Most of the dealing of this company is with its corporate clients and company provides advice and help on purchasing security packages. It’s a UK based company which has staff over 400 and about 300 technically skilled workers.
Putteridge Solutions has very good reward and pay structure due to which its employee turnover is very low. In addition company also pays lucrative team bonuses and annual bonuses which went to almost £9000 average employee last year.
Last year company’s share prices have declined in share markets due to economic slowdown, also there is very high chance that their huge bonuses will reduce significantly and probably next year there might be no team bonuses. Company is planning to retain its staff by using cost effective initiatives. Although company has no plan for redundancy but it fears that it will affect its staff performance which is clear indication of increased sick absence and grievances.

Main Body of the Report: (Part one)
Employee Engagement:   What is employee engagement?
According to Kahn employee engagement is’ ‘being positively present during the performance of work by willingly contributing intellectual effort, experiencing positive emotions and meaningful connections to others.’’ Kahn (1990)
It has other three core factors which are:
Social engagement being able to discuss work related problems with others actively
Affective engagement being positive about doing their jobs
Intellectual engagement thinking how to perform better and well
Thus, an employee is said to be engaged when he/she discusses work-related problems with
others, how these things can be tackled and improved, thinks hard about their job and feel
Positive when they perform better.
Employee engagement can be defined as combination of commitment to the organisation  
Without motivation to help fellow members. It is said as passion for job which an...