E100 Ema

Extending Professional Learning

In my ECA assignment I will be reviewing various points of my learning during my studies with the Open University. I will be reflecting on how my role as an early year’s practitioner and understanding has developed over the past year and what I feel I have achieved to date.

From a young age I have wanted to be a teacher and my long term goal in life is to go into primary teaching, with a preference for nursery and reception. I think this course has already made me look at why I do things the way I do and will, hopefully, enable to me to move on to higher roles and professions in the future. I believe that through my studies I have already developed my role as a practitioner for example the way I, on a daily basis, ensure the children’s wellbeing is protected at all time by doing things like risk assessments, following policies and procedures such as behaviour management, health and safety, inclusion and equal opportunities. I also feel that my confidence has grown during the past year, I now feel more positive when talking to parents about their children. I have also gained in feeling secure about participating in staff meetings and I am in no doubt that my contributions are valued by staff and committee members (KU8).
At the present time my short term plan is to complete and pass this course to achieve the Certificate in Early Years Practice. My long term aims are to complete the Early Years Foundation Degree, of which I have now registered for U212 which will start in January 2011, and then to find a school that could support me on a GTP, which will take me a step closer to my long term goal in life of being a primary school teacher.

The playgroup, where I am doing my voluntary hours, is set in a large church hall, next to the church, which is about 100 years old. There is a small sheltered L shaped outdoor play area, which makes it ideal as the children are able to play out in all weathers and it gives staff the...