Effects of Smoke Inhalation

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Effects of Smoke Inhalation
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The effects of smoke inhalation and poisons such as cyanide and carbon monoxide

provide many difficulties for pre-hospital care providers. This article will review the

effects of these poisons on the body and the current treatments available for these

conditions including drugs such as Cyanokit (hydrocxocobalamin) which is currently

licensed for use in the USA and France and critically review the studies undertaken for


Key words : Cyanokit, cyanide poisoning, smoke inhalation, Carbon monoxide,

The first part of this article will focus on the number of fire related deaths around the UK

with data from the department for local governments who record all the fire related

figures for the UK and at how UK fire services have reduced the number of fires and fire

related deaths over the last 50 years.

There will then be a focus on how the data relates to the causes of death such as burns or

smoke inhalation, followed by the physiological effects of the smoke inhalation and the

current treatments in practice.

Finally, the article will analyse the state of the art treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen

for carbon monoxide poisoning; or Cyanokit "vitamin B12" for cyanide poisoning, with a

look at the practicality of whether these treatments could be implemented for pre-hospital

services in the UK.

Fire safety awareness campaigns on TV, property safety checks and fire alarm fittings

have become part of the day to day work for fire fighters and a proactive approach by fire

services across the UK. This means that the amount of deaths around the UK has dropped

over the last 20 years. However when you look...