Smoking is undoubtedly the largest health hazard worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over 1.1 smokers around the world. Nicotine, the main ingredient in cigarettes, changes this bad habit into an addiction. Once it’s become an addiction it turns fatal. You risk your health for a mere rush that most do not understand.
            There are so many negative effects of smoking that outweighs any of the positive that it baffles to know why one would deliberately harm his or her body. It more shocking to know that the people smoking are actually harming innocent bystanders with second hand smoke. Assume I was standing outside my office and a friend decides to pull out a cigarette and smoke in my presence, I have the choice to either walk away from this health hazard or to stand and inhale the poisons. Now imagine a parent smoking around his child who he is supposed to be protecting and raising to be healthy and intelligent. The child has nowhere to go or nowhere to hide. The child does not even have to knowledge of what harms this weird smoke is doing to their body. The only possible reaction is for the child to go into another room if he coughs and know he is not attracted to this substance. Lastly I would like you to imagine a mother who smoke during her pregnancy harming the child before it’s even born. She is harming the child and putting the child at risk before the child has any option of getting away from it. In this paper I will be spending my time arguing why I think women who smoke during pregnancy should be charged with child abuse.
            You see countless advertisement and commercials discourage smoking yet, millions of people still continue to smoke. You would think they have no idea of the effects of smoking and the health risk. Some of the biggest problems are cancers, lung disease, and cardiovascular diseases. Cigarettes contain over four thousand chemical compounds and many of them are very toxic. Some of the...