Should Smoking Be Banned

Should Smoking Be Banned?
Should smoking be banned? In my opinion we should all take advice from the government of Singapore, where smoking in public is banned. Smokers are forced to use specially built rooms with huge extractor fans to stop the smoke getting out. If you still want to smoke, the people who clean the ashtrays in the smoke rooms wear latex gloves and dust guards to prevent them inhaling any smoke. Some may say this is a bit extreme, but I solemnly believe that if we want to bring an end to the increase of smokers then we have to start thinking in the same manner as the government of Singapore.
 Some people say “smokers must be mad” and in actual fact they are right. It has been proven through research that forty-four percent of smokers are mentally ill, but what is unknown is whether the condition was present before the person smoked or if smoking was a cause of their illness. Smoking has many effects on the body. In the most extreme, but common, cases people die from the effects of smoking on their bodies. They contract illness such as lung cancer and throat cancer and after battling these illnesses for long periods of time most people die. But everyone who smokes experiences the general decline in their health as a result of the drug. As well as effects on the body smoking also affects our life as   some people refuse to be seen with a smoker, while others are scared for their own health when near a smoker. The main smoking related illnesses in the U.K are lung cancer and different forms of chronic obstructive lung disease. 84% of people who die from lung cancer are smokers as are 83% of people who die from a form of chronic lung disease . Although smoking is permitted in this country, while other drugs are illegal, ironically smoking is the greatest cause of preventable illnesses and premature deaths killing an estimated thirteen people every hour.
 Smoking came to Britain in the 1600’s but only started to become ‘fashionable’ and ‘cool’ in...