Funding- Is the funding available from the government -Neet project funding scheme?
1. What is the funding going to be from a college point of view?
2. Will the resources be funded by the students or college?
3. Who will supply PPE for the learners?

Qualification- Sustainability of the qualification ( how long will the qual be valid for)
1. What is the credibility of the qualification? How does it stand out from the rest? Why should the students take this course?
2. What are the rival courses available and what are their success rates and uptake?

Impact on Students-
1. Job prospects for the learners on leaving the course- what qualification is the next natural progression?
2. How does this have a positive impact on the learners?
3. What value does this course add that other courses don’t already have? i.e. work experience?

Curriculum/course/entry requirements - Concerning the duration of the course, do you feel that four units can be delivered in a short space of time?

- As 24 credits must be achieved to gain the full certificate have you decided what will constitute a pass, merit and distinction?

- Is this course available to students with disabilities? How will you facilitate their learning requirements?

- How will health and safety be monitored when working with sharp tools and machinery in the workshop?

- How will you assess if learners meet the entry requirements? Construction requires a high level of numeracy – wouldn’t your low entry requirement make it unrealistic for them to progress into construction?