The mixing of the sexes in education is natural preparation which will take place later in life. Despite the fact that co-education is ideal for future and is practiced in 95% of the schools, colleges, academies, etc. still it is a popular topic of discussion because people think that studying in an environment of mixed sexes, students will concentrate on each other rather than studies.
According to my point of view, this is not as it seems, a student who is not interested in studying will neither study concentrate in a mixed class nor a single sexed class, it is not the system of studying that matters but the standard of being taught. In-fact, competition is greater between sexes than between the rivals of same sex, so this way a high standard of achievement can be reached.
On the other hand, the feminine brain gains from association with boys and men, the masculine from association with girls and women. The character develops more rapidly and shyness diminishes. In communities where one sex is separated, it is likely that various evils will flourish; women tend to become hysterical, men to acquire un-natural vices and the whole atmosphere is morbid. In universities, the presence of women raises the general tone ethically and academically.
Finally, marriages, probably the most important part of everybody’s life, if made after co-education experience are best. It the man and women have known each other as fellow-students; a sure basis is given for married life than that gained from purely social acquaintance. So what’s the big deal in just changing our point of view to get the advantages of such an ideal system of education?