Education must be value based and it should not be in abstraction but must be based on faith, hope and love. From the nursery school onwards, education must be governed by the value of transformation. Knowledge is not to make people more clever, but to help them become mature and responsible citizens. A doctor may be very good in his profession, but if he involves in unethical practices then his profession and life have another meaning. Education is not to make corrupt people cleverer in their corruption but to transform the weak to become strong, the immature to become mature and to grow in true knowledge and wisdom.
Today, education is knowledge and knowledge is power. Education conscientizes and empowers people to assert their identity and dignity. The education ministry in the church should look into these directions and the commitment to education should lead people to an integral liberation in the present socio-political and economic situation.
In every civilized society men and women believe that education is compulsory and necessary for every individual. Every parent tries to provide the possible kind of education to his children.  
1. Meaning of Education
(i) Etymological Meaning: The concept of Education has been a subject of examination by a large numbers of educationists. However, it will be meaningful to explain the term education by starting with its etymological origin so as to better understand the nature of education and its later elaboration and development.
The word education is derived from the latin word ‘educare’ which means to bring up. There is yet another Latin word ‘educere’ which means both to bring forth as well as bring up.   It was Latin author Varro who said “educit obstetrix, educate, nutrix, institute, peadagogus ocet,magister” which means “the mid-wife brings forth, the nurse brings up, the tutor trains, and the master teaches”.   Accordingly, education does not merely mean the acquisition of knowledge or...