During periods like this people really need help. What I mean by periods like this is a recession. The economy is down, we’re helping out other countries in need but need help ourselves. We had a bailout plane which barely even did anything. We need other alternatives to stop situations like this we need to learn to invest, so things like this will not happen in the near future.
For instance the (TAX) money that we use on things that it doesn’t even need to be used on. For example we build non needed roads that lead to a corn crop or to a ditch of water. If we are going to waste money lets do it the right way. Lets waste it on education, lets invest on the next generation and let them make something of themselves. And so that we have something to look forward to which is our youth blossoming.
If we make it to were everyone who wants has a chance to be successful.
We can pay for kids to go to school who don’t have a chance to. This can prevent financial problems in the near future. By   giving everyone a fair chance more people will be capable of supporting there self by going through college and getting a job that they can make a living off of. Because right now things are hard and people are real needy and most of the people who are needy are the ones who couldn’t go to college. So if you really care about your country   or today’s society you would lend a helping hand