Name and describe various categories of e-commerce. Virtual Storefront sells items physical to direct to consumers or to businesses. Such as Online Marketplace assist a digital environment wher buyers and sellers can meet and look for the items they want and also a auctions. Revenue is made by the transaction fees. Such as Ebay. Portals are the entry point to the web.   Such as
Compare and contrast electronic payment systems. There are a lot of security measures that go along with electronic payments systems such as digital wallets that securely store cc and owner information and the credit card payment system that protects information transmitted amongst users, merchant sites and processing banks. I feel that electronic payments are a little safer than making payments at the actually place for instant if you have a credit card with nordstroms and you go in a pay how do you know the person taking your payment is trustworthy what if the copy your information. With electronic payments they are making it so secure that that wont happen a very low percentage. Which type do you use most often? When I pay my bills or make a purchase it is usually online or over the phone through a automated systems and I feel very safe doing so. I have made in store payments or through the mail and have issues such as the payment being credited to my account to late or not the right amount. I have never had these issues online or on automated system. Which type is most applicable for organizations you interact with regularly? Electronic payment is the best due to my busy schedule.
Explain how Internet technology supports business-to-business e-commerce?   It helps organizations save money and increases revenue.   E commerce is available to everyone, everywhere and anytime.   Your are able to conduct business on line in the middle of the night if you have to, to meet the schedule of another business your are working with that are overseas or in another state. And...