E212 Tma02

TMA 02 - Part A

1. What claims about modern childhood is the author making in this piece?

The extract, written in 2014, discusses the 'phenomenon' of toddlers who love selfies. This particular article extract focuses on a mother Brandi Koskie and her three year old daughter Paisley.

The language of the article suggests children are self obsessed with terms such as   "Toddlers love selfies" and "image obsessed tots".

The article suggest Paisley is a technologically competent three year old in control of her actions. This skill at taking photos is surprising in somebody so young      

Brandi is quoted as saying that she finds '90 pictures' of Paisley on her iPhone and the article describes a "barrage of images" - all shot by the toddler herself. These descriptions of the sheer number of pictures, or 'selfies', taken by Paisley appears to suggest that the toddler is   somewhat innocently self absorbed.

The article discusses how new technology such as specially designed apps and pillows with smartphone pockets   is now being created specifically for young children. There is a suggestion that a young child can not bear to be away from technology for the duration of a nappy change (reference to pillow with a smart phone pocket). This heavy commercialisation aimed at children suggests a demand for such things from children themselves. This in turn could lead the reader to believe children are preoccupied with technology and perhaps   provides an exaggerated version of the impact of modern technologies.

2. Based on you knowledge from this module, how convincing do you find these claims?

Paisley's   mother, Brandi, describes how some of the pictures are "sideways, of the corner of her eye, her eyebrow". This is arguably evidence that Paisley's skills have been somewhat exaggerated and she is not nearly technologically competent as the article suggests.

We do live in a digital age but toddlers such as Paisley are part of he first generation of...