E111 - Tma 01

Amy LockeCI: C7213216 TMA01 Role and Experiences

I have recently started working as a voluntary classroom assistant at a near by school for one full day a week – approximately 6 hours. I work predominantly in a split class of reception/year 1 pupils, whom are aged between 4 and 6, though if I am needed elsewhere I am happy to help out.
Although I have only been at the school for a few weeks now, I feel I have become a valued member of the school community. I am very much enjoying the work that I do. I work alongside a class teacher and a higher level teaching assistant, whom treat me as a member of staff and allow me to get involved in activities taking place, whilst also demonstrating my duties on occasions as I am still new to the role and getting familiar with my surroundings.

After reading the 'Ten titles and roles' by Rodger Hancock and Jennifer Colloby. (Reader 1, chapter 1) I would compare my role to that of a learning support assistant (LSA). I give classroom support from the moment the children enter the classroom, from taking fruit money to getting them settled on the carpet for registration and some good morning welsh. Once registration is over the class teacher will give the children a short demonstration on what the mornings activities are, whilst myself and the other classroom assistant will prepare anything that is needed for these activities. Friday mornings are English, we use a wide range of activities to get the kids involved in. Last week we used tubs filled with salt where the children could practice writing small words out in the salt. Once all children are aware of the task in hand I tent to wander around them all, checking that they are doing it correctly and offering support if someone gets a little confused.Within the classroom where I work there is a year 1 pupil whom has autism, and although usually he manages to keep on track and fit in with his peers, one of us is always on hand to offer him additional support and on occasions...