E100 Tma1

TMA 01 PART 3 (A)

Having not studied for a while, I feel my academic skills lack in particular areas. I plan to develop the skills I gain through study by outlining my goals. Breaking them down and then reviewing my progress, focusing on areas which require the most attention.
Time management is the biggest area I need to focus on and is important that I develop effective strategies for managing my time and maintaining a balance between work, study, family,   social and sport commitments.   Action planning and prioritising tasks, will help me to do this along with organising my work and study schedule.
Through studying the E100 module I plan to develop my reading skills.
Reading academically is very different   from leisure reading and I feel it will develop and improve my skills in reading critically. This is so I can read more efficiently and pick out relevant or key information, helping me to source relevant information from a vast variety of materials, enabling me to link theory into practice.   By helping me to source information from a variety of materials, it will also help develop my ICT skills   by researching for information and   navigating websites. Particularly the student home page, joining student forums and taking part in the online tutorials. As well as using the TMA writing guidance to   encourage me to produce clear and simple   documentation. It also means I can implement new ICT skills I have learnt through study   in supporting children's learning and development and being more efficient in using ICT   with children to support their learning.
I believe studying will also help develop my ability to evidence my practice through more formal and detailed writing skills. Helping me to produce clear, readable and simple plans, assessments and reports which are vital in documenting my practise and making clear observations of children's learning and development plans. It is also vital for effective communication between parents, carers, colleagues,...