E100 Tma2 Looking at Children's Learning

Ethical Statement
I have covered the ethical considerations as per guidelines of the British Educational Research Association (BERA), by ensuring that all names have been changed to protect the identities of all settings and individuals.
Part 1
For the first part of my assignment I’ve decided to choose video sequence “Hospital Play” shown on the Open University DVD 1, Block 1. This is because I feel it relates to my childcare setting as the children I am currently providing care for are of similar age range.
The video sequence shows a group of children, supported by nursery practitioner Daksha playing hospital. Daksha provided real life hospital resources of bandages, gloves, and specimen containers. As I thought this was a wonderful idea for this particular play, I brought this idea into my own setting for the children to use next time they played hospitals to enhance their play.   PS3
The children shown in the video were very engaged with the resources Daksha had provided; they constantly handled them, showing interest in what each other had, discussed what they were and what they wanted to use the resources for. Having real life resources available provided the children the opportunity to familarise themselves with hospital items plus an insight into how these items may be used in a hospital environment.
I felt that it was an excellent way of allowing the children to discuss health and feelings whilst learning how hospital procedures work. This could help children
overcome and dismiss fears they may be harbouring regarding hospitals and Doctors in general, thus making any future hospital or Doctor appointment a better and less stressed event. KU2
The nursery practitioner Daksha joined in with the children to support their language development and writing skills when the children wanted the specimen containers labelled. This gave the nursery practitioner opportunity to extend their play by asking the children open ended questions which helped...