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I work fulltime as a child-minder from my own home in a village on the outskirts of

Slouth   City. I currently childmind ten children ranging from 2   to 11yrs old.

The children I mind all live locally and their parents all work. I provide care from 7.30 till

6.30 pm Monday to Friday. I am Ofsted registered as “good” (2009) KU3. My provision

follows the national English guidelines of Early years Foundation stage (EYFS 2008), which

came into effect in September 2008.

The EYFS (2008) follows the learning and development of children from birth to 5 years

Old. The EYFS became mandatory for all schools and early years providers who are Ofsted

registered.   The   EYFS   has four themes:1, a unique child,2, positive relationships,3,

enabling environments ,4,   learning and development.

The ethos of the EYFS ensures that children learn through play with close links with

Parents   while   tracking the   child’s   progress. It includes children with special educational

needs or disabilities or different backgrounds.

As well as the four themes of the EYFS there are also six key principals to be put into

practice which follows the child’s   indivual development.

These are   : personal, social and emotional development

                      Physical development

                      Knowledge and understanding of the world

                      Communication, language and literacy

                      Creative development

                      Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

I have put these principals into practice by giving every child under five years old a “learning journey” book which I use to track their development when they are in my care.

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The learning   journey   book   records   activities   and observations   of the child’s   progress in

the six principals.   The book is accessible at all times...